TANG Sunshades Depot Privacy FenceReview

The construction of our TANG Sunshade Depot privacy fence screens is made of 100% natural latest high-quality pure polyethylene. The fence screen is more likely than our common distributors. Moreover, the privacy of our fence screen in that product brings the assets of the manufacturer direct into any size or type for our end-user. The people can find out the most widescreen rates and most consistent products. The relationships of suppliers and the control of the quality care delivered by the ease of purchase. Our customers have a great experience using our products and they have shown their gratitude on our websites.

The TANG Sunshades Depot is suitable for both, the construction sites as well as for the residential sites. We have used the 45% higher commercial grade material. Furthermore, to make each side stronger and powerful we used the 2’8″ knitted black hemming in TANG Sunshades.

Each corner has three grommets for little extra reinforcement. 

The best thing is the customizable sizing is also available to meet the needs of our customers. The Rustproof Copper or Brass grommets are placed evenly apart 12″ vertically and 18″ to 24″ horizontally on all 4 sides. It has an excellent Airflow with the Netting Fence Cover Privacy Blockage.

To prevent our customers from any stranger to look into their yards we have applied the Optimum UV Additives for Weathering protection. Even it is a nice way to prevent our customer’s dogs from seeing each other and bargain. Our customers have found it very useful some of them have used it at church for a line of sight block.

A quick overview of our product.

  1. It keeps the sunshine away: We can say this because of the materials we have used to make our products so far. It is the most effective solution for per square foot. As well it will protect the outdoor areas of the location.
  2. Usage of High-Quality fabric: The material and the fabric of sunshade are itself constructed from a high-quality Breathable shade fabric. It will knock down the wind like a wind curtain especially when it is around the tennis court. The most important thing is that it should keep the blowing heated air away. There is no insulation value.
  3. Quick, easy to install and maintain: It is very easy to clean the product. For the instructions, our customers will get the full detailed tutorial to install it. It is simple and easy to use just sag between the posts otherwise you can put a cable across the top from post to post o attach the screen.

Well, the TANG sunshade screen will be stood in the high winds, the rain which usually turned to the snow and stood for three to four days. People can judge the construction, strength, and appearance of the product in one way. This product of ours is best ranked and more in demand due to its features and the benefits our customers are getting after buying it.  We will be happy to provide our affordable, powerful and high-quality product to our customers.