the best way to avoid being plunder is to make sure that plunder cannot get anywhere near the property – especially for people living in semi-detached and detached houses. Placing hooked wire, broken glass, nails or iron piece on the wall surrounding the property may seem like the ideal solution. This may not be inherently illegal but there are restrictions for the owner what house owner can do – careful consideration should be given to the legal position before any of these restraint methods are used.

Occupier’s Duty of Care to Trespassers

Anyone who owns, or controls, property has a legal duty of care to protect people on the property from predictable harm. This duty extends to people on the property without permission – including plunders and vandals.

Using barbed/razor wire and broken glass in order to stop people getting into your house is not good. You are making yourself liable to civil action, if by doing this someone is injured, as you owe a duty of care to ensure that visitors to your property are reasonably safe. Odd as it may seem, you also owe a duty of care to trespassers.

Burgled fencing is effective because it increases the height of the boundary and it is not usually strong enough to hold an intruder’s weight Therefore, they may not want to risk climbing over it, if breaking it then making a loud noise.

Whatever method you use, it is most important thing to ensure that you have permission to achieved you plan, if required, and you do not leave yourself open to civil proceedings.

Burgled wire was designed to keep cattle into an enclosure. Since then it is also been used to keep people and dogs out of a yard, as in someone up to no good hopping your fence. We are not talking about razor wire; it is a different ball of wax. As long as you would place the barbed wire on top of your fence like 5 ft above ground, out of the reach of little kids, so they can’t see the problem.

The only person potentially getting snagged would be someone who doesn’t know you or your property, which erratically launches themself over your fence for doubtful reasons. People who know you won’t do that, knowing that you have a burgle on your fence, they will come to your door instead.

There are some Objections of using barbed wire

Some neighborhood sometimes objects to householders placing barbed wire on their properties and sometime may insist that it is removed because of dangerous. Even if the householder has obeyed with the legal restrictions, the council may be concerned about their own legal position if someone is injured. You could report your neighbor to your local council environmental officer and they will visit the neighbor and make a judgement about the fence. If house owner can be use barbed wire. So they should check that their household insurance will cover them for any type of injuries caused by these burgled wire.